3 practical ways to shine.

Hello! Hooray, it’s Friday!!! The weekend is here. There is no better time to put into practice all that we have talked about this week. I am sharing with you 3 practical ways that will allow you to begin the process. It’s time to shine your way to success!!! For those who haven’t subscribed yet,

Let it shine!

Hello This week we’ve been talking about how to arise. Now it’s time to SHINE!! So, LET IT SHINE!! To access the video, suscribe!! As for those who have already suscribed, don’t forget to like it, share it and let me know what you think about it here, on Twitter or on my  Facebook page. In

Arise (Part 2)

Hello, Wow, you really are arising!!!! Welcome to part 2! Yesterday, you woke up to a new you and were introduced to what it means to arise. Today you will discover that to arise you need to take action. So, TAKE IT NOW!!! To find out more, subsribe to receive our latest video!


Hello, Last weekend I went with my friends to see my daughter perform at the Grand Theatre. She had been given a solo to perform from the musical  “Les Miserables”. We were completely blown away by  the way she owned the stage and gave an amazing performance. She truly rose to the occasion. I came

Wake Up with Joy!

Hello and thank you to all our subscribers. Wake Up with Joy has started!! The mood you start the day with helps to set  the scene and determines the outcome of everything you do. Let’s choose to start the day on a Joyful note! Each day you will receive a motivational and inspirational video or

Let me dream

Hi It is important to have dreams, but it is even more important to take massive action to accomplishing them and making them a reality. Are you living in other people’s shadows? Helping them to live their dreams but never accomplishing yours? What dreams are still lying dormant in you, waiting to be awakened? I

Wake Up with Joy D-5

Hello! Say goodbye to sad and grumpy mornings and get ready to to be inspired and motivated! The Wake up with Joy starts next week: Monday, 27th January Here is a taste of it. Your assignment this week: love yourself, love others and love life Let me know how you shared this love around you.

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