Be in the present moment!

Hello Everybody, In the busyness of life, how often do we stop and enjoy where we are at in life and be present in the moment? Our lives can become more meaningful if we do not become strangers in it. So, as you wake up, remember to be in the Subscribe to watch your video!

Love life

Hello, Life is what you make of it. Sometimes, we look at our lives and wish it were different. How we view our lives now and in the future should never be a matter of chance or luck. The question is how can we be the great master of our own lives, making decisions and

Learn to forgive!

Hello   As we conclude our message on “Loving others”, it’s time to reach out to those who have offended us and let go of any unforgiveness. Years ago, I came to realise the principle of forgiveness and the freedom that comes with it. We create more joy in our lives when we learn not

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Remember that it’s time to love. Whether you are single or in a relationship, it is time to extend love to all. For your special Valentine’s Day Wake Up with Joy, Subscribe!!!   In the meantime, Live Life with Joy!

Focussed attention

Hello One of my teenage children has recently been craving attention, and like many parents, I put it down to her just being a teenager. But as the days progressed, I began to pick up signs by the kind of questions she would ask. For example, she would say out of the blue: “Do you

Make time for Love!

Hello A couple of months ago, I had a meal with two of my closest friends that I hadn’t seen for months. The restaurant was our favourite, the food was absolutely fantastic, but one of my friends spent the whole time answering social media messages on his phone. Although we enjoyed catching up, I couldn’t

Love others!

Hello Last week we laid the foundation in loving ourselves and taking the time to appreciate what is within us. Thank you for giving yourself that gift. This week our focus is on loving others and building great relationship. Now that you are filled with that love, it is time to let that love show

Don’t be too critical about yourself!

Hello, In today’s world , we are constantly sold the image of perfection and for must of us we strive for that image. Failure to achieve this means that we then become very critical of ourselves especially in the area of our physical appearance. We spend so much time focusing on what’s wrong with us

Acknowledge who you are!

Hello, I had a great and wonderful experience this morning. Picture this: the sun was shining, the kids had finally left for school after an hour and half of feeding them, looking for lost jumpers, books and ties. I stood at the door and made a conscious decision to take the morning off. I decided

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