Joy in sickness

Hello, In our series of looking at how to live life with joy in challenging situation, sickness is probably one of the most unpredictable cha when it happens to us or to somebody we care for, we can help but feel powerless. This can lead to feeling frustrated, angry and or depressed. However, it is


Hello! One of the things that can cause you to lose your joy instantly is holding on to un forgiveness. When you have been hurt or offended, it’s almost becomes justified to want to punish or want them to pay for what they have done by refusing to forgive. However, in most cases the person

Laughing out loud!

Hello, (lol) LOL. If you look up these 3 letters in the dictionary it says: Abbreviation for Laughing Out Loud. Let me ask you something, How often do you really laugh every time you use this abbreviation? How often do you allow yourself to laugh out loud? It is a proven fact that laughter has

Fall in love with you

  If you want to live a life with Joy, first you need to examine your life to take positive steps to achieving your desires. It is said that to do the same things and expect a different result is ‘madness’. So, in our quest to live a joyful life, in the next few days

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