Tomorrow never comes

Hello, There is always the temptation of putting things off until tomorrow. However, when you do this, the reality is ‘tomorrow never comes’. To develop and progress, we need to seize the day and develop a mindset of ‘doing it today’. Watch today’s video and be inspired to ‘do it now’.

A Great Start

Hello The way you start your day sets the scene for everything that follows. Therefore it is vital to embrace the day with a positive and joyful mindset. Watch today’s video for some great tips on how to start your day.

Reach out

Hello, Forgiveness is the key to living a life filled with Joy and fulfilment. When we choose to forgive those who have hurt or offended us, we free ourselves from it’s hold. Watch today’s video to see the importance of reaching out to those who may have hurt us.

Telling the truth

Hello, How far would you go in telling the truth? What if telling the truth could potentially cause pain and damage a great relationship? Watch today’s video to see how telling the truth could set you free.

Create time

Hello, The demands of our busy professional schedule can often lead to stress and frustration where we find it hard to make time for friends and family. Today we are going to see that by applying 3 simple strategies, we can learn how to create valuable time for our family and friends.

Be a blessing

Hello, What happens when in spite of having basked in life’s successes, you are still left asking the question ‘is this all there is?’ Perhaps at such a point in your life, greater fulfillment can be found from moving the focus from yourself to supporting and contributing to the lives of others in their pursuit

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