Let’s celebrate!

  Hello, As we come to the end of our ‘month of new beginnings’, it is important to take stock of how well we have done and to celebrate our successes no matter how small they are. So, today, let’s celebrate our achievements in this month of new beginnings.

No plan B

Hello, In order to sustain that which we have started, we need to remain focused on our ultimate goal. Where there is the temptation to have a plan B, let us learn to keep the faith. Watch today’s video to  see why focusing on a plan B is not always a good idea.

Stumbling blocks

Hello, Most of the time, the only thing that is preventing us from upgrading our lives is ourselves. Today, let’s take a look at the personal ‘stumbling blocks’ that can prevent us from getting where we need to be.

August: Participation

Calculated risk   Say no   It is ok to treat yourself   Take a leap of faith   Bring positivity into your life   Attract the right person for you   getting started!   keep motivated in fitness   Staying positive in challenging situation Keep your focus while facing financial challenging situation   positivity

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