Hello, At times of hardship when things may not be going the way we would like, it can often seem easier just to simply give up. However, it is at such moments that we should persevere and push harder to break through any obstacles. Today, we will learn how increased perseverance always comes with

Learn to be yourself

  Hello, In a world where we are often pressurised to conform to the ‘standards’ and perhaps biased messaging’ of the media, fashion trends and society, it can be hard to be yourself or even to know who you really are. Today let’s learn to appreciate who we are and how to enjoy being ourselves.

Learn to Say Sorry

Hello, For many people, saying sorry can be one of the most difficult things to do. Perhaps one of the reasons for such difficulties is the type of value we place on saying sorry. Today, we will learn that saying sorry is much more than just apologising for a mistake or causing offence.

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