5 steps to be a great motivational leader

Thursday 11th, October | Wake up with Joy

Have you ever wondered why your team isn’t motivated as it should be?

Of course you did, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But, did you ever consider the reason for that could be you?

To be a leader that motivates its team, you will need to work yourself first. Your actions will inspire others to believe in you and later follow you.

Of course, to take complete control of your own evaluation isn’t an easy task, but here are five steps to follow in order to get the ball rolling and start motivating your team!


  1. Be Real

If you want people to believe in your vision, you need to believe in it first. It’s better to accept that you need help, or you don’t know certain things because no one really connects with someone who acts like they know everything, when they really don’t. You’re a human being like everybody else, and so your honesty will be noticed and appreciated by your team immediately.


  1. Appreciation

It’s well known if you keep your employees happy, the employer will be happy too. Your employees are the most important part of your business – if they aren’t happy in the workplace, this will show. When they’re happy in their work environment, they’re more creative, they want to develop themselves as well as progress in their job. On the other hand, if they’re in a toxic environment, they get stressed, they lose their confidence and their willing to be more productive. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to show you appreciate their efforts and take the time to talk to them on a regular basis.


  1. Be Polite

The way you say something is everything. You can correct someone without talking down to them or patronising them. From your actions, you will either create a distance or a good relationship between you and the people you’re working with.


  1. Have faith

Believe in others and yourself equally. When you give someone 100% of your belief you unlock their potentials and skills they have. That applies to yourself too. You always have potential to try something new – a new skill, form a new friendship in work, improve an existing one, or take on a new challenge – you just need to give yourself a chance and discover.


  1. LOVE

I know in the business world the word ‘love’ may sound out of place, but love is the key word for a successful company. There is no person on earth, I know so far at least, that doesn’t look for love. When you feel loved, just like when you feel appreciated, it makes you more motivated to unlock a part of you that is useful for your team. Show your appreciation, show your enthusiasm and you will become a successful, motivational leader.


Now you know how to be a great motivational leader, it’s your turn to make it happen. Try to incorporate these five steps into your everyday working environment and watch yourself transform into the motivational leader you’ve always wanted to be.


Good luck and in the meantime, live life with Joy!


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