Top 4 highlights and inspiring moments of 2017

Friday 5th, January | Wake up with Joy

This year has been truly brilliant from start to finish. It’s been a year of meeting and working with inspirational people, and a full twelve months of watching new clients grow and achieve through my workshops, talks and coaching sessions. As with the years before, I have also enjoyed maintaining and growing endearing relationships with long-standing clients, which I have become to consider dear friends.

There have been so many highlights in 2017, but I’m going to try and keep it short and sweet. I hope you enjoy the insight to my personal favourites, as much as I enjoyed attending the events.

Breast Cancer Ladies Lunch

I was utterly humbled to be approached by Tenovus Cancer Care to speak at this event, following their enjoyment of a previous speech of mine. As some of you may know, my own experience with cancer pushed me to address my purpose whilst guiding my future decisions, so this was an event very close to my heart.

The event celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month, and was held in the Cornerstone in Cardiff, and my speech was focused on ‘Defining the Woman You Are’. I shared my story with awesome guests, and the response I received was so heart-felt – thank you to all those who attended and shared great positive energy!

Seren Conference

This fantastic event in early October was hosted by the Welsh Government, and was all about encouraging students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to the UK’s top universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities. The event also worked to promote entrepreneurship, working with Big Ideas Wales.

I contributed to a ‘Professionalism’ session on each of the days in December, with a focus on experiential learning that young people need to develop to plot their career path. My ‘Plotting Your Career Path’ sessions sought to tap into the mindset of these young students, giving them the motivation needed to acquire a skillset to effectively pave the way for their career and academic future. It was so rewarding working with these intelligent and friendly youngsters, and I am positive that every one of them has a very bright future ahead of them.

Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) appearance

Back in July, I was thrilled to be featured on a Nigerian talk show, addressing the topic of female child education. This is not only extremely topical, as in Nigeria a high percentage of girls in the area do not go to school, but it is another cause close to my heart, as I attended an all-girls boarding school in Nigeria, and its kind are on the rise.

Key to assisting the movement of female child education is through helping parents understand that if they train and educate girls, they educate a nation: women account for more than 50 per cent of Nigeria’s population. If women are entrepreneurs or businesswomen, they are not just there for their family – they can contribute to the economy and jobs market.

In this interview, I put my thoughts across that Nigera – indeed, the whole of Africa – needs to embrace the role of educated women in society. It is crucial to promote this at a very young age.

Youth Leadership Programme

This was a great event held in Cardiff in early December, bringing 2017 to a wonderful close. The event offered an interactive training session that explored the importance of how people present themselves relevant to their personal aspirations.

I was delighted to speak at the event, which worked to empower its guests, enabling them to articulate the importance of presentation and self-promotion to success and development as a leader. The session worked to develop appropriate communication styles and body language to effectively articulate opinions, whilst also enabling them to identify the importance (and dangers) of their online profile to their future development as leaders.

All in all, it’s been a year packed to the brim with fantastic memories and moments, and these are just a few of my personal favourites. I look forward to making new memories in 2018, meeting new people and continuing cherished relationships with current clients. May I take this opportunity to wish my clients – past, present and future – a very joyful New Year, filled with positivity and treasured memories.

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