8 tips to channel the Law of Attraction

Tuesday 14th, August | Wake up with Joy
  1. Focus on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want

As one of the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction is that what is focused on is attracted, whether it is wanted or not, it is vital that we make an effort to always focus positively. This means we should focus on what we do want, not what we don’t want. For example, if we are unhappy in our current career, it is important to focus on the career we do want, rather than focusing on negative thoughts such as “well it could be worse: I could lose my job!” This negative thought process will only attract negative energy into your life.

  1. Believe in the Law of Attraction

Many people have limiting thoughts which prevent the universe from helping them attain what they desire. To combat this, focus on maintaining a positive expectancy, thereby encouraging what you want to happen. Remember, you cannot attract positive energy if you are not a positive vibrational match for it.

  1. Put it in writing

Decide what you want and then put it down in writing, along with the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

  1. Practice feeling the emotions you would be feeling if you already had what you wanted

In order to attract what you want, you must first act as if you already have it. This can be a difficult task, so begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How would you feel if you reached your goal?
  • What would your day look like if you had already reached your goal?
  • Who would you spend your time with?
  • What would you still want to achieve?
  1. Don’t be afraid to dream big

Your dreams don’t have to seem realistic, there is no point in limiting your thoughts and desires. Instead, decide what you want – in an ideal world – and believe that you deserve it.

  1. Make your wants clear to the universe

Before you release your request into the universe, focus on perfecting the wording of your request so that what you want is absolutely clear. If you send out a vague request then you should expect a vague response. Similarly, if your request is laced with negativity, then you can’t expect a positive response from the universe.

  1. Once you have requested what you want, let go

Once you have asked the universe for what you want, be patient for a response. Instead of waiting around for your request to materialise, let go and believe that your message will reach its destination.

  1. Be grateful

The universe responds to our positive and negative thoughts, so be careful to express your gratitude to it in your thoughts. Limiting negative thoughts and complaints leaves room for the universe to respond to your positive thoughts and wishes.


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