Be a Woman of Purpose!

Be a Woman of Purpose!

Monday 28th, January | Wake up with Joy
The future belongs to a woman with purpose Purpose is the road map to your future. Join Joy Ogeh-Hutfield and fantastic guest speakers for an inspirational and action-packed evening that will empower you to stand in your POWER. You can expect to: Discover the 3 simple steps to living out your purpose Gain useful tips on how to deal with 'Purpose Snatchers' Learn how to stay focused and committed to your goals and vision Understand what it means to have a purpose It’s time to stand in your power. Joy Ogeh-Hutfield - international and multi-award-winning transformational coach with over 20... Read More

How to make your workplace more diverse

Friday 4th, January | Wake up with Joy
  Britain is a multicultural society, full of different ethnicities and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, accepting to everyone of all walks of life. So if your workplace doesn’t reflect this diversity, you may need to think about why.   Diversity in the workplace is vital in running a successful business and having a happy team. It allows you to hone in on a variety of skills and perspectives, with different backgrounds influencing different ideas. While you should be hiring employees based on their talents, not on their background, there is no reason why your workplace shouldn’t be... Read More

Why do we fear change?

Wednesday 28th, November | Wake up with Joy
‘‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.’’ –George Bernard Shaw   It’s not uncommon to fear change. We like the comfort and safety that the ‘known’ make us feel. That is why we create routines because it is comfortable to us, of how we feel. We also tend to make excuses that we can’t change who we are, but the truth is that we are too afraid to do it. We are afraid to find out a new spectrum of ourselves, to think of new ideas and plans for our future. Why?... Read More

5 steps to be a great motivational leader

Thursday 11th, October | Wake up with Joy
Have you ever wondered why your team isn’t motivated as it should be? Of course you did, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But, did you ever consider the reason for that could be you? To be a leader that motivates its team, you will need to work yourself first. Your actions will inspire others to believe in you and later follow you. Of course, to take complete control of your own evaluation isn’t an easy task, but here are five steps to follow in order to get the ball rolling and start motivating your team!   Be Real If you... Read More

Get the best team and make the most profit

Monday 1st, October | Wake up with Joy
I want to begin by sharing some great feedback from one of my clients, who received my Team Transformation Programme: “I thought that it was a great session which made us all come out of our comfort zone and see everybody in a different light and it was brilliant to see everybody get involved. It was an enjoyable way to look at our job roles and what we need to do to achieve our goals.” The importance of team in business cannot be over-emphasised. Not to mention team that understands what it takes to attain success together. Coaching is a... Read More

8 tips to channel the Law of Attraction

Tuesday 14th, August | Wake up with Joy
Focus on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want As one of the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction is that what is focused on is attracted, whether it is wanted or not, it is vital that we make an effort to always focus positively. This means we should focus on what we do want, not what we don’t want. For example, if we are unhappy in our current career, it is important to focus on the career we do want, rather than focusing on negative thoughts such as “well it could be worse: I could lose... Read More

Is the Law of Attraction real?

Thursday 5th, July | Wake up with Joy
The Law of Attraction is an extremely popular topic of conversation. No, it hasn’t been around for five minutes – it has actually been around for hundreds of years!   The Law of Attraction (LoA) is quite a minefield, but a minefield worth getting your head around. It isn’t something you can quickly take on board and understand – it takes some time and patience to understand how it works and more importantly, how it can work for you. Individuals who practices the LoA find different methods work for them – so today I want to share with you some... Read More
Leading business women raise mental health awareness at Women Empowerment Soirée

Leading business women raise mental health awareness at Women Empowerment Soirée

Friday 8th, June | Wake up with Joy
To celebrate the year of the woman, a regular Women Empowerment Soirée run by transformation coach, Joy Ogeh-Hutfield will be using the next event to discuss managing stress, anxiety and depression in both a personal and professional sense, following the recent Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 (14 – 20 May 2018).   Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, motivational speaker, author and multi-award-winning life transformation coach, is the founder of Joy Transformation, and will host her Women Empowerment Soirée ‘Love Yourself Beautiful’ in the Dragon Hotel, Swansea on the 22 June 2018.   The evening event will see Joy and two guest speakers discuss... Read More

What is Law of Attraction and how will it work for me?

Thursday 10th, May | Wake up with Joy
I’m here to explain to you what the Law of Attraction is and how you can use it in your everyday life to change it for the better. As you know, I am a life transformation coach, and as part of transforming your life, you need to be open to change and actively welcome positivity into your world.   So, what is it? The Law of Attraction is attracting into your life what you focus on. So, if you are focusing on negative thoughts, it’s more than likely you won’t experience the positive things you may hope will happen to... Read More
Upcoming Cardiff event has the potential to change lives   

Upcoming Cardiff event has the potential to change lives  

Sunday 25th, March | Wake up with Joy
Rewire Yourself For Success is a life changing all-day, interactive event that will enlighten and energise its audience, providing an insight on how to take personal, business or academic aspirations and goals to the next level.   Taking place in Cardiff on 14 April, the event will be hosted by award-winning transformation coach, author and international speaker Joy Ogeh-Hutfield. The premier event will focus on providing attendees with the tools to achieve success in the shortest time possible; success being a series of awareness and actions working together to create a desired outcome.   Joy is an inspiration to many,... Read More

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