Reflections of the Soul

In this, the poet expresses her inner battles and frustrations with the world, its systems and its people – dark, challenging and exciting times that give a voice to the poetry in her soul.

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Book cover of Joy Made easy written by Joy Ogeh-Hutfield

Joy Made Easy

Why are some people so grateful and full of joy, when to the outside world, they have nothing, while there are others, who seem to have it all – success, riches, wealth and fame…, yet lack the inner joy to enjoy these privileges?

Why is it so easy for some people to be positive and joyful, while it seems an impossible task to others, whose lives are wrapped in negativity, grief or sorrow.

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Book cover for the secrets to motivating your team by Joy Ogeh-Hutfield

The Secrets to Motivating Your Team

“The Secrets to Motivating Your Team” is a practical, empowering, no-nonsense guide that explores exactly why teams are often demotivated. The book delves deeper into the subsequent cost of demotivation to the business and delivers a host of practical and easy to implement tools and techniques to get (and keep) your team highly motivated.

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Purpose Made Easy

“Purpose Made Easy” is a powerful, life-changing, effective and impactful coaching workbook for anyone who wants to remove any doubt as regard to what their purpose in life is.

This 21-day action-focused coaching workbook helps you to discover your purpose through very practical, simple and highly insightful exercises. Joy Ogeh-Hutfield will coach and lead you step by step through the process of discovering and understanding your purpose, how it influences your decisions and impacts others.

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