How to make your workplace more diverse

  Britain is a multicultural society, full of different ethnicities and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, accepting to everyone of all walks of life. So if your workplace doesn’t reflect this diversity, you may need to think about why.   Diversity in the workplace is vital in running a successful business and having

Why do we fear change?

‘‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.’’ –George Bernard Shaw   It’s not uncommon to fear change. We like the comfort and safety that the ‘known’ make us feel. That is why we create routines because it is comfortable to us, of how we feel. We also

Leading business women raise mental health awareness at Women Empowerment Soirée

To celebrate the year of the woman, a regular Women Empowerment Soirée run by transformation coach, Joy Ogeh-Hutfield will be using the next event to discuss managing stress, anxiety and depression in both a personal and professional sense, following the recent Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 (14 – 20 May 2018).   Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, motivational

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