Re organisations, new appointments, downsizing and new business initiatives are often signs that signal change which if not addressed can go on to create major organisation or business disruption, upset and confusion. This can then lead to low productivity and morale, lack of confidence in the organisation, wasted time and money.

Leaders need the buy in and commitment of their people who are being asked to change. They need a sound strategy and effective communication to help them to initiate the change process.

This unique 2-day practical workshop focuses on these areas, helping those who are responsible for change initiatives or leading the change process to develop a great communication strategy that will enable greater buy in from their teams. It is designed to work with you to create a powerful vision of success that is compelling to inspire your team to believe in a better future that energises them.

The workshop will equip you with practical tools and powerful effective coaching techniques that will help support your teams through the change process – from initial anxiety and disorientation, to performing at their best.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Communicate change in a way which appeals to different psychological types
  • Create and time high impact messages which get through to everyone
  • Design events which flush out lack of understanding and dissent early in the change process
  • Analyse the emotions of transition to support your team through it
  • Co-create a change programme with your team which motivates them - and the people they manage
  • Deal effectively and apply change strategies to resolve concerns and challenging behaviours
  • Create a compelling powerful vision of success
  • Build plans, feedback systems and outcomes with your team to ensure the change happens

Date: 8th and 9th June 2017

Location: Cardiff

Venue: Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa

Cost: £497

Early Bird: 10% discount £457