Become the motivating force to champion your goals and support others in doing the same.

A unique opportunity to be part of an extraordinary community of highly motivated, like minded individuals who want to transform and make a positive difference in their lives and help others to do the same by living a successful live with purpose, Joy and Fulfilment.

The Vision
To live a successful live with purpose, joy and fulfilment

The Cause
To motivate and empower others to live a successful live with purpose, joy and fulfilment.

Who is a champion?
A person who vigorously supports or defend a person or a cause.
A Prime mover, a touch bearer, an advocate,
Someone who voluntarily takes extraordinary interest in the success of a cause.

Do you want to make a difference in your life? And motivate others to live life with Joy?

Why be a Joy Motivational Champion?

  • An opportunity to build yourself and to give back
  • Helping you to commit to your success
  • Be the master of your live by staying focused, energised and motivated to excel and achieve your goals and dreams
  • A starting point to making a difference to your world
  • Help more people live life with Joy
  • To be part of a unique community that motivates and empowers others to live a successful live with purpose, Joy and Fulfilment.

Note: There is no competition of egos. The only competition is to make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others.

My exclusive Coaching Package includes:

  • Monthly action packed motivational video with ideas and tips on how to stay motivated, focused and empowered
  • Monthly webinar to help you work on your motivational goals and champion the vision

There is flexibility built on the webinar timings. Webinars will take place between 9 am to 10am on Saturdays and or 7:30pm to 8:30pm on Thursday evenings.
Note: You will never have to miss a webinar as you can have access to the recordings.

  • Exclusive Joy’s motivational Champions Facebook group

The group is designed to help champion awesome causes in our lives and support one another in the vision to ‘Live Life With Joy’

  • ½ price tickets to all Joy Transformation events
  • A free Joy Motivational Champion Mug and T shirt
  • A copy of Joy Made Easy Coaching Workbook – When you sign up
  • Money back guarantee

Only £45 per month subscription

Cancel anytime with a month’s notice.

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