Raise your business standards to stay ahead of your competitors.

Your team is what breathes life into your business, and is what drives it forward; without them, you wouldn’t have a business. A team with high energy, morale and a pro-active attitude is what every successful business has, so make sure yours is no different!

Coaching is the quickest way to accelerate and get the results you want from your team and your business.

Allow Joy to step into your business and rewire the way your team performs. Joy will take the time to understand your team, your business, your values and procedures to help you push past your limits, see beyond your limitations and keep your team focused.

Team Transformation Programme

The Team Transformation Programme works with teams to achieve a ‘critical mind-set shift’ that positively impacts attitudes and behaviours, and challenges them to raise their standards.

It will build upon confidence and team morale, working with the teams to harness a ‘can do attitude’ that will accelerate their progress.

The programme will help participants to gain practical skills, tools and knowledge for effective team dynamics.

Master Class

Calling all business owners, key influencers and senior management teams – this one is for you. The Master Class is a result focused programme to enhance your personal leadership brand by providing practical tools and techniques to empower, influence and motivate both yourself and your team to achieve outstanding results.

Joy’s Master Class programme will also help you to find solutions to your business concerns, gain knowledge, share ideas and work effectively together to focus business improvement.

Purpose in Leadership

Does your organisation want to transform its leaders? Do you want to channel your leaders’ passion and direction? Joy’s Purpose in Leadership programme helps leaders to establish exactly why they lead, who they are leading and the direction and impact of their leadership.

The programme will work with leaders to create their own leadership brand, develop leadership presence and to raise their own standards as leaders. It will enable each participant to harness the ‘Mind-Set of a Visionary Leader’ by having a clear purpose. It will empower the leaders of the organisation to drive their organisation’s ethos and give way to high performing leaders and teams.

Leadership Success Coaching

Being a leader means you must have clear direction and a purpose. Joy’s Leadership Success Coaching programme works on a one-to-one basis with senior management to ensure they are focusing on their leadership strengths and developing them further. As a result, this will increase a team’s productivity and morale, leading to successful outcomes and results.