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Monday 1st, October | Wake up with Joy

I want to begin by sharing some great feedback from one of my clients, who received my Team Transformation Programme:

“I thought that it was a great session which made us all come out of our comfort zone and see everybody in a different light and it was brilliant to see everybody get involved. It was an enjoyable way to look at our job roles and what we need to do to achieve our goals.”

The importance of team in business cannot be over-emphasised. Not to mention team that understands what it takes to attain success together. Coaching is a good means of gaining a ground with business teams in order to increase productivity. Let’s dissect the word TEAM, to get into the nitty-gritty of the subject matter.

  • ‘Together’– An African proverb goes thus, “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.  This word implies, cooperating to collectively channel energy towards a project or a cause. In the long run, if every individual pulls ideas and resources together, it increases the profitability of the organisation.
  • Everyone’– Not one person, but every single person. The emphatic nature of the word carries in it the very essence of team. Every single person is an individual in their own right. Regardless, the emphasis of team is not to say individuals cannot contribute towards a team project. In fact, that is what a team is about. Nevertheless, individual goals should not clash with team goals.
  • ‘Achieves’– Reaching a goal or objective collectively not only brings increased profitability to the organisation, but personal fulfilment. If everyone has the right mind-set, high great productivity can be attained.
  • ‘More’– Practically speaking, quantity as well as quality is important in accounting for team results. Little is achieved as an individual, but if everyone’s ‘little’ drop is pulled together, it will make a mighty ocean.

Once the concept of team is understood, it is easier to understand, tolerate and work with different people on a set project.

Enforcing a ‘critical mind-set shift’ one team at a time!

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