How to become a woman of purpose

Monday 11th, March | Blog

It can be easy to fall into the trap of what it means to be a woman. You can naturally find yourself in stereotypical roles without even realising. This can lead to you feeling like you don’t have a purpose, like you’re just going through the motions of life. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can find your purpose and live a more fulfilling life – here are some tips on how to discover it for yourself.


Allow yourself to explore

You’re holding yourself back by overthinking. Often we worry that by going for our goals, we will be neglecting other things. Who will look after the family? Will things work out? Is this for the best? You end up not going for your goals because you’re scared it might not have a good outcome. But you miss all of the opportunities you don’t go for, and sometimes you just need to take the plunge. You won’t be able to find your purpose if you don’t try new things. Explore what interests you and allow yourself new hobbies. There are other people in your life that can help you with the rest, and the burden of family life should not rest solely on you. If you go for your goals, everything else will fall into place.


Surround yourself with positivity

Spending time with people because you feel obligated to will remove your sense of purpose. Use your free time to socialise with people that make you feel good and enrich your life. Don’t let yourself be dragged down by negativity – you will end up holding yourself back from achieving your goals. Often we feel like we keep people in our lives because they serve a purpose, but you need to consider your own purpose. You are not there to fix everyone else’s problems. Sometimes we feel tied into a friendship because we’ve known them for a long time or they’ve been there through a rough patch, but if they are draining your sense of purpose then it might not be a relationship that is enriching your life.


Don’t be held back by previous experiences

Sometimes we can have experiences that can change our perspective on life. But don’t let these experiences fester into negative thoughts. Use these experiences to better yourself and your life. Become an advocate of the cause, spread awareness, help others that have been in the same position. Don’t allow yourself to lose your purpose because of these events – make them a part of your purpose. If you spend too much time looking backwards, you’ll miss what’s going on in front of you.


Other people don’t dictate your purpose

As a woman, you may find yourself dealing with people who believe you have a specific purpose. Whether that is to keep a home, have children, be married, there are roles that some people will expect you to slot into. If they’re roles that you want to do and they fulfil your life, do them! The importance is that you’re doing it for yourself, not for other people. If you feel your life has a different purpose then explore that instead. Be confident and proud in the choices you make, and don’t let others influence that.

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