How to know when you need to find your purpose

Wednesday 3rd, April | Blog

We can be happy in our lives without purpose – sometimes things have a habit of working themselves out. However, your life will feel much more enriched with a purpose and a sense of direction as it takes away a lot of the stress of everyday life.


But how do you know if you’ve already found it? You may feel like you’ve found your purpose, as you’ve got a good job and a family. These may bring joy to your life, but there’s much more to it than that. Here’s how to know when you need to find your purpose.


You consider what you’d do if you had more free time

If you have frequent thoughts of things you’d like to do if you had more time to do it, you’re probably already on the way to finding your purpose. When you have found your purpose, you will be filling your free time with things you enjoy – not wondering what else you could be doing.


You spend a lot of time dabbling in different areas

One week you want to learn the guitar, the next you want to learn a language. It’s fine to want to try a lot of different hobbies and interests, but it probably means you haven’t found your purpose yet. When you’re dabbling, remember that the ultimate goal is finding your purpose so that you don’t become someone who just can’t hold down a hobby. Make sure to keep motivated, because it may take a little while to realise you truly love what you’re trying – don’t fall at the first hurdle.


You feel like something’s missing

Things might feel great in your life, but in the back of your mind you may feel like there’s something more you want. This is a sign that you’re lacking purpose. Just because things are working in your favour, doesn’t mean that your life is complete. It’s okay to want more out of life, but this means it’s time to consider what that entails.


You want to get to the next step – but what is it?

Everything you do is in attempt to progress – but what are you progressing towards? It can be the default to feel like you should always be climbing the employment ladder, but are you enjoying your life as you’re living it? You spend so much time trying to get to the top that you aren’t enjoying the journey there. When you find your purpose, you should enjoy every aspect of progressing.


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