How to make your workplace more diverse

Friday 4th, January | Wake up with Joy


Britain is a multicultural society, full of different ethnicities and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, accepting to everyone of all walks of life. So if your workplace doesn’t reflect this diversity, you may need to think about why.


Diversity in the workplace is vital in running a successful business and having a happy team. It allows you to hone in on a variety of skills and perspectives, with different backgrounds influencing different ideas. While you should be hiring employees based on their talents, not on their background, there is no reason why your workplace shouldn’t be diverse. Here are some things to consider when looking at why your workplace may not be as inclusive as it could be.


Who are you advertising to?

There has been some talk about introducing quotas to workplaces, but they aren’t necessary to create a more diverse team. Right from the outset, you need to be thinking about who you are advertising your job to. Is your advertising appealing to a certain ethnicity or gender? If it is, then you won’t be encouraging a range of people to apply and you’ve already decreased your chances of a diverse workplace. Even the images you use can create an impression of the company – if you use a picture of a team of one ethnicity and gender then this risks potential candidates being able to relate.


Who should you hire?

If you have a number of candidates all with a similar skillset and interview quality, then this is a good opportunity to make your team more diverse. It’s fair to bring in a woman to a male-dominated workplace if all the top candidates were of an equal level, because they can bring a new perspective to the business. The same applies to ethnicity or sexuality – bringing diversity will always be an asset to your team. You can pick the person most suited for your team without discriminating, positively or otherwise.


Who is in charge of making these changes?

The only way your business will grow is if you are proactive. Change comes from the top – management needs to understand the importance of a diverse workplace for the rest of the business to understand. Understanding at the top can filter down the chain, and it will help your business have a core value in diversity.


How do you create an inclusive workplace?

Becoming aware of the language you use is key in running a diverse workforce. What may seem harmless to you may not be harmless to others. Just think – is what you’re saying an accurate description, or is it just slang? If it’s the latter, you need to consider how it would affect someone. Could somebody take what you’re saying offensively? All you need to do is think rationally and logically, and realise the power that your language has.


This post outlines just a few tips on how to ensure your workplace is diverse and inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds. If you would like to learn more about obtaining a diverse and inclusive workplace, please get in touch!

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