Is the Law of Attraction real?

Thursday 5th, July | Wake up with Joy

The Law of Attraction is an extremely popular topic of conversation. No, it hasn’t been around for five minutes – it has actually been around for hundreds of years!


The Law of Attraction (LoA) is quite a minefield, but a minefield worth getting your head around. It isn’t something you can quickly take on board and understand – it takes some time and patience to understand how it works and more importantly, how it can work for you.

Individuals who practices the LoA find different methods work for them – so today I want to share with you some methods you can try for yourself to see what best fits you (and let us know by sending us a tweet or Facebook message!).


Acting as if

This is a popular way to manifest your life’s desires. So, what does it mean? It’s pretty simple. You act as if you already have what you are trying to attract.

The dream job? Imagine you’re already in it. Imagine the feeling of waking up in the morning, knowing you are going to work for the company you have always looked up to. Or maybe your goal is to be self-employed and run your own business – in that case, imagine your first client win, or the feeling of success after a profitable year first year.

Whatever it is you dream of, be specific when you are “acting as if”. The universe needs your guidance, for it to manifest your desires.

It’s important to note, however, not to force anything. If one day you cannot seem to position yourself on the positive vibrational wavelength we spoke about in my last blog, let it go. Don’t over think it or try to force it, as this causes resistance (more on this later).


The power of visualisation

One of the ways to master LoA is to simply visualise it. It’s probably something you’ve done before without too much thought. Lying in bed before drifting off to sleep for example, you may find your mind wandering, imagining what your life could be like if only you could click your fingers and make it happen. Well guess what? The LoA is the next best thing.

The more you visualise, the more real it becomes. The more detail you focus on, the more you are giving the universe to go on. This concept is very similar to acting as if, as talked about above.


Writing it down


Simply writing down your thoughts and goals and using affirmations is another way people feel at one with the universe.

Get yourself a notebook dedicated to your LoA goals, and write them down. Remember, affirmations are key so ensure you are writing in the present tense and use wording such as “I am”. For example, “I am grateful for everything I have in life” or “I am in abundance of happiness and love and life has put me on this journey to find my purpose”.


Resistance and letting it go


Earlier we talked about resistance. Resistance occurs when you can’t find yourself on that positive vibrational wavelength you need to be on for the manifestation to occur. In situations such as these, my advice is to refrain from attempting to manifest. The vibrational wavelength will just become obscured and distorted, causing forces to clash against each other.

Simply leave your thoughts where they are, and revisit when you’re feeling more positive.


Letting go…


Another way for manifestation to take place is to let things go once you have begun the manifestation process. Once you have practiced the manifestation method that works for you – i.e., acting as if, visualisation, writing it down etc, it’s time to let it go. Imagine yourself holding your desire in the palm of your hands and releasing it up to the universe.

This process is often compared to the idea of a boomerang – you whizz it off to the universe, for the universe to work its powers and send it straight back to you.


Let me know if any of these methods work for you when practicing the Law of Attraction by sending me a tweet or Facebook comment!


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