Joy Made Easy

Why are some people so grateful and full of joy, when to the outside world, they have nothing, while there are others, who seem to have it all - success, riches, wealth and fame…, yet lack the inner joy to enjoy these privileges?

Why is it so easy for some people to be positive and joyful, while it seems an impossible task to others, whose lives are wrapped in negativity, grief or sorrow.

Joy is a state. It is imbedded in a mind-set. It can be found, it can be lost, but most importantly, it can be cultivated, nurtured and sustained regardless of your circumstances. It is a gift we all possess in increasing measure and needs to be activated for it not to lie dormant within your soul.

‘Joy Made Easy’ is a 21-day exceptional, life-changing and practical coaching workbook, where Joy Ogeh-Hutfield takes you on a coaching journey of discovering ‘joy’. Through her own personal stories, exercises, coaching tools and strategies, she guides, inspires and challenges you as you explore ways in which you can live a life filled with joy and how to keep and sustain your joy even in the midst of the most challenging situations.

In this extraordinary coaching workbook, Joy maximises on her unique and impactful coaching style, skills and 20 years experience to bring you into a state of constant and consistent joy that will soon become part of your everyday life.

Get ready to invite ‘joy’ into your life!

Nicky Yiannakis

Discover how grand and glorious you truly are! After reading this book, you will not find a reason to be unhappy, and you will absolutely never allow someone else to ‘make’ you unhappy.’

Nicky Yiannakis Entrepreneur & Coach

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