Purpose Made Easy

"Purpose Made Easy" is a powerful, life-changing, effective and impactful coaching workbook for anyone who wants to remove any doubt as regard to what their purpose in life is.
This 21-day action-focused coaching workbook helps you to discover your purpose through very practical, uncomplicated and highly insightful exercises. Joy Ogeh-Hutfield will coach you and lead you step by step through the process of discovering and understanding your purpose, how it influences your decisions and impacts others.

This book empowers, challenges you to ask the right questions, bringing about greater clarity and direction in the various areas of your life. As you follow this 21-day action book, you will be transformed in your mind-set and guided step by step to gain a higher understanding of yourself while advancing on your journey to fulfillment.

Kim Johnson

On the other side of this book,you will find that your life will have a
new vision,deeper clarity. Armed with your new clarity,this work, however brings
you to your purposeful life even while in pursuit of the best vision of yourself.

Kim Johnson Author- Anthony Robbins Perfomance coach

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