Why do we fear change?

Wednesday 28th, November | Wake up with Joy

‘‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.’’ –George Bernard Shaw


It’s not uncommon to fear change. We like the comfort and safety that the ‘known’ make us feel. That is why we create routines because it is comfortable to us, of how we feel. We also tend to make excuses that we can’t change who we are, but the truth is that we are too afraid to do it. We are afraid to find out a new spectrum of ourselves, to think of new ideas and plans for our future. Why? We are afraid the reactions of others and most of all we afraid that we won’t succeed. The sad thing is that these excuses prevent from improving. That is why I urge you to believe in yourself and know the only thing stopping you, is you.

Don’t fear change, because the key to change is to let go of the fear that is holding you back.

Test yourself. Move out of your comfort zone. Try new things. Do what you think you’re not capable of doing and prove yourself wrong. Meet new people, gain new experiences, open your heart and live the life of your dreams. Nothing is impossible. The first step is always the hardest, but it’s the step that is standing between you and your dream life. Welcome the JOY into your life!

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